Staying overnight on the island is organised through the Flat Holm Project who you can contact through

  • Catering for groups from 2 right up to 24 people in simple but comfortable accommodation in the farm house consisting of 3 rooms of beds.
  • Flat Holm Island is in the middle of the Bristol Channel and the weather there can change very dramatically so a nice selection of comfortable clothes for the time of year would be expected. Waterproofs are always recommended if only for the boat trip to Flat Holm and back again.
  • There is no food available for you to buy on the island. You have to bring enough food for the size of your group for the length time you are staying. You have to be frugal mind as you may not be able to bring everything due to weight restrictions on the boats.
  • LANDING FEE. To be paid to the warden on arrival at the island. CASH ONLY PLEASE
    Adult £5
    Child £2.50
  • ACCOMMODATION. To be paid when making your booking.
    Adult £19 per night.
    Child £16 per night.
  • CAMPING. To be paid when making your booking. You must bring everything you need to camp eg. TENT, ability to cook your food, BRING YOUR OWN FOOD for the length of stay.
    Adult £8
    Child £7.
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Stay Longer
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